"In 2007, I discovered that the application of Inner Child work to adult parts of self was very effective, with a twist. At the time, an aspect of my psyche was calling for my attention. A psychological, emotional boundary had been crossed by a family member when I was in my twenties that I had not processed and healed. That aspect of self was now banging on the walls of my inner house at age forty-one, when I needed to hold a boundary with that same family member. It was asking to be brought home, integrated into my psyche, and honored for its challenging journey.

And the twist? In the work, I had to meet the adult part as a loving aspect of Spirit. I essentially had to “parent” that adult part of self by representing the feminine face of God, or Great Mother. By nurturing the split-off part, and utilizing a specific set of questions and protocol in what I named the Inner Tribe Technique, I was able to achieve integration and healing in record time. In my thirty years of practicing healing work, I have never witnessed a swifter, more complete healing response.

As a practitioner of indigenous healing and born of an ancestral lineage with ancient knowledge of interconnection of All Creation, I have known that every age and stage of our lives is indeed carried within us, alive and intelligent. It is understood that we are an amalgam of our life experience and our choices. Our wholeness is determined by the inclusion of ALL aspects of self. All tribe members are valued for their unique contribution. All aspects of the psyche are meant to play their roles in our lives. There is no unnecessary part in All Creation. The Inner Tribe must remain whole.

And so we have the work of reclaiming and championing not only the inner children, but every age and stage in which we have had to abandon ourselves in a moment of crisis in order to live through it. It is the only sane, kind thing to do. In healing the Inner Tribe we free ourselves to live fully in the present, enjoying vitality, new joy, and energy in living.

If you feel as though you are dragging an anchor behind you, find yourself self-sabotaging, can’t quite gain the momentum to achieve areas of fulfillment or success that you consciously strive for, or simply find a strange apathy for life, you could be a candidate for the Inner Tribe technique. We are only as successful as we are whole."

Licia Berry, creator of the Inner Tribe Technique

Inner Tribe™ is a creative, innovative method that marries somatic work, neurobiology, psychology, spirituality and the arts in one powerful self-healing technique.

Course will begin Feb. 10 with 8 weeks of recorded lectures (delivered via email) and 4 LIVE Group Sessions to practice the technique.    

8 Modules include:

Module 1: Introduction to the Inner Tribe ™ - We are Made of Parts

Module 2: Ages and Stages – Case Studies

Module 3: Trauma and the Inner Tribe ™

Module 4: Integration Practice

Module 5: Dialogue with the Inner Tribe ™ Member

Module 6: Collage and the Inner Tribe ™ Member

Module 7: Collage for Outer Tribe Members

Module 8: Inner Tribe ™ application for self, and Inner Tribe ™ Certification process for others

The Inner Tribe™ Course Includes:

8 Modules of Basics of Inner Tribe™ Technique (MP3 audio recording emailed weekly)

PDF Inner Tribe™ Collage ebook

4 LIVE Group Practice Sessions (bi-weekly via Zoom webinar)

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